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To achieve our mission, we need you!

IF Windsor Essex is fuelled by the community- there are lots of ways to get involved.  

1.  Help us spread the word!  Come to our free events and be a part of the community.

2.  Become a member, use our great facility and enjoy being part of a community of innovators and entrepreneurs.  Check out our membership page and come to a tour.

3.  Volunteer  We need people in all kinds or roles. If you have a willingness to help and can commit to specific tasks we would've to hear from you.  We have a great volunteer training and recognition program to show our appreciation. 

4.  Donate to help us build the centre, and support innovation and entrepreneurship in our region.  It costs a lot of money to keep this facility open and our equipment maintained.  We have a great donor recognition program and welcome inkind and cash donations.  If you want to contribute- reach out and let us know what you have in mind.

5.  Sponsor  Invest in Innovation!  We will work with you to create the most beneficial partnership we can. We are open to in-kind sponsorship and are expert at fair-value combinations of in-kind and funded sponsorships.  If you are passionate about bringing ideas to life, would like to have access to our members and other makers, or have a stake in innovation in this province, then help us build the most successful prototyping, fabrication, and demonstration facility in Ontario!

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