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In order to realize their dreams and their potential, entrepreneurs and innovators from all walks of life need practical tools, resources and support – including a secure place to work, to experiment, and to associate with like-minded people. The IF Centre is such a place. We are a maker space facility outfitted with the latest technology in maker equipment, commercial kitchen/food production, and networking/electronic/software labs.

The IF Centre is a place where researchers, students, entrepreneurs, residents, and established businesses can come together to collaborate and create new products and solutions. We are open and inclusive - we welcome participants from the private sector, the public sector, educational institutions, and the general public.

The IF Centre is a hub for experimenting, testing, creating and innovating. Think of it as an “Innovation Factory”. Specifically, we focus on three areas:

1. The "Internet of Things” (machine to machine, machine to person, person to person)

2. Making physical products

3. Developing food products.

Our goal is to bring people together in all of these areas to work together, leverage each other’s expertise and ideas, and collaborate across functional areas to discover, create and innovate. 

You have an idea. You want to change the world. You want to learn a new skill.  We have the services, space, and tools to help you get it done!

If that's not enough, how about:

  • A Community of like minded supportive people to learn and with.
  • Supports to build your business or product.
  • Be the first to know about and get access to our events.
  • Member discounts and perks from partners.

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