Why is the IF Centre different than other maker space facilities?


The IF Centre will be a maker space of a different breed. First, at over 100,000 square feet, it will be the largest facility of its kind in North America. It will contain cutting-edge laboratory and computer equipment, high-tech food processing equipment, and high-tech manufacturing and production equipment typically found only in private sector business or large government institutions. In this respect, it goes far beyond what most maker space facilities have to offer.

Second, The IF Centre will bring together entrepreneurs, businesses, education and government in a collaborative and open environment of connecting, sharing and creating. We welcome all participants, we embrace openness and transparency, and we celebrate mutual success.

Finally, and perhaps of the greatest importance, the IF Centre is all about making things. It’s isn’t a just think-tank or an R&D centre (although a lot of experimenting, testing and development will take place). It isn’t just about the theoretical (although many theories will be put to the test). And it isn’t just about shared facilities (although it will offer an abundance of those). The IF Centre is a hub for creativity, innovation, collaboration – and for making things. From modelling to prototypes to samples – even to small production runs – The If Centre is about taking ideas, bringing them to life and creating real-world products that solve real-world problems.

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