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    I have core values ​​sharing ideas and projects for a better society.

    Participation Agreement

    Windsor-Essex Entrepreneurship & Innovation Ecosystem
    Participation Agreement

    The Windsor-Essex Entrepreneurship & Innovation community is welcoming and open to everyone who shares our vision and our values, and who agrees to abide by the rules that govern our activity.

    Our Vision inspires us to make be the changes we want to see

    Windsor-Essex is a region that is widely recognized as a thriving entrepreneurial community, a place where new products and new solutions are conceived and developed. It is a place where open collaboration, experimentation and testing of new ideas lead to the start of the next big thing; a place driven by an inclusive, entrepreneurial spirit; a place where diversity of people, ideas and resources intersect and merge, and where long-term vision and an eye to the future continually guide our actions.

    Our Shared Values guide our work


    We believe in providing tools and support to empower people, enabling and encouraging them to pursue their personal and economic dreams.


    We believe in fostering a culture that embraces “open-source” and expanding the pie thinking, which is more productive, both creatively and economically, than a culture that clings to “silo” and zero-sum game thinking.


    We believe in being a catalyst for cultural change, and in facilitating access to the connections, skills, infrastructure and resources required for our entrepreneurial community to thrive.


    We believe that lasting, impactful change will best be achieved through a self-sustaining “creative ecosystem” of participants that see value in working together.

    Transparency & Accountability

    We believe that our community must work in an open and accountable manner that engenders trust and goodwill between all participants, within and outside the community. 

    Our Rules govern the way we work

    They also serve as a commitment to one another, and help to keep ideas and innovation flowing freely. 

    • Open doors and listen.
    • Give before you get.
    • Trust and be trusted.
    • Experiment and iterate together. Practice often!
    • Seek fairness not advantage.
    • Do. Action trumps talk.
    • Err, fail, and persist.
    • Pay it forward.
    • Break rules and dream big. 

    Your Commitment

    By signing below, you are joining a community of innovators who are helping to build a thriving community for the benefit of all, and are committing to uphold the Vision and Shared Values, and to abide by the Rules set out above. 

    Publish and Share

    We encourage you to publish your commitment on your own website or social media channels. Help spread the word. Encourage others to join in. Working together in a spirit of collaboration and entrepreneurship, we can help create a thriving, engaged and productive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Windsor-Essex.


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    Become a volunteer

    IFWE is always looking for volunteers.  Volunteers allow us to operate as an organization.  We could never afford to build and keep our Centre running without you. 

    There are 2 basic types of volunteer opportunities available, with many opportunities in each.  If you don’t see something that catches your eye right away reach out and tell us about yourself and what you might like to do.  We might be able to find something that will suit you perfectly.  

    The 2 main types of volunteer positions are Project Based and IFWE Operations volunteers.  We encourage you may apply for as many of the positions as you like.  


    Project Based Positions

    IFWE is literally built by the community for the community.  As a non-profit with no core funding we rely on sponsorships, donations and purchased materials, along with our volunteers to actually build the facility.  

    Skilled Trades/ Certified Technical Experts

    HVAC, Electricians, Plumbers, Machinists, Carpenters, Network Professionals, Engineers, Architects, or any other kind of certified expert.  We need you.  We need your help to plan aspects of the operation and to lead and supervise other volunteers as we literally build out the centre.  If you want to come and get your hands dirty you are welcome to do that too, we would love to have you dive right in with us.  

    Experienced but not certified or a trades person

    Experience in general construction, any of the trades, setting up equipment and machines.  We need your help to renovate the space and set up our machines.  Connect with us and we will set you up with a project plan and make sure you have what you need to help us make our centre a reality.  

    Limited experience but eager to learn

    Don’t have any experience setting up machines and equipment or in construction but still want to get hands on.  Great, we are all about learning by doing here.  Let us know what you are interested in we will get you on a project team and you will be learning by doing in no time.  


    IFWE Operations Volunteers.

    The ongoing operations of the centre require lots of different skills.  Our team is so small we couldn’t possibly do it without volunteers.

    We need people in all aspects, cleaning and maintenance, tour guides to introduce people to the space, front desk personnel to greet and make our visitors welcome, to people with marketing and event management , finance and accounting skills.  Not seeing what interests you?  Tell us about your interests and the time you have available and we will find something the suits you.  


    Volunteer Terms and Conditions.  

    Volunteers are critical to our operations.  As such we have expectations.  We want to provide you a fun, engaging, and rewarding volunteer experience.  In order to do that we will provide you assign you tasks or shifts based on your application.  Like any job we have a few common sense rules that we’ll share in your orientation.  Plus, we count on you for critical tasks.  If for whatever reason you cannot make your scheduled shift you need to make sure we have advanced notice so we can find a replacement.  Failure to provide proper notice or to follow the rules can result in being removed from our volunteer list. 


    Volunteer Benefits.

    • Fun work environment
    • Challenging work on critical projects
    • Discounts on memberships
    • Great training and learning opportunities
    • Volunteer appreciation activities
    • Volunteer hour certificates for students
    Become a volunteer